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Nice win.... [Jan. 19th, 2005|09:38 pm]
The Minnesota Sports Forum


By the Golden Gophers Men's Basketball squad, defeating the Ohio State Buckeyes in OT, by the score of 60-56. This win improves their overall record to 13-4, their conference record to 3-1, and also gives them a huge Big 10 road win, something that will undoubtedly give them a large boost of confidence.

To say that this team is exceeding expectations would be an immense understatement. Absolutely NO ONE thought they'd be where they are right now, and most thought we'd probably be battling for last place in the Big 10. But not only have we equaled last year's win total, we're making a serious push for the Big Dance. Heck, in ESPN.com's Bracketology feature, we're listed as one of the bubble teams, something I thought would be unimaginable only a few short weeks ago. Sure, it may be early in the season, and we haven't exactly beaten any elite teams, but you have to feel excited for this squad.

Plus, it's refreshing to see a team that gives it their all every day out, something we couldn't say about another certain local basketball team.