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Bubble Watch [Mar. 1st, 2005|08:50 am]
The Minnesota Sports Forum


Well, with only one game on the Minnesota Golden Gopher basketball team's schedule, and the NCAA Tournament rapidly approaching and the Gophers still on the bubble, it's a tense time for any Gopher fan.

In an ESPN.com bracket, the Gophers are currently an #11 seed, facing the Southern Illinois Salukis in the first round. And in a CBS bracket, we're in at #9 and get the dreaded #8/#9 game against Maryland. I would give more credence to the ESPN.com bracket, since the guy is apparently spot on with these things. However, it doesn't give the Gophers much security, as they only crept into the 11th seed... doesn't appear to be much room for error.

We're currently at 9-6 in the Big Ten Conference, and a lot of people have speculated that 10 wins would be the magic number that gets the Gophers into the tourney. However, with Indiana scoring the upset over Michigan St. over the weekend, that may not be the case anymore. The win puts the Hoosiers right back into the tourney mix, and you have to wonder if the selection committee will give the Big Ten, a conference that has been perceived as weak, 5 tourney teams. So we might have not only beat Penn St. (shouldn't be much trouble), but defeat Indiana (assuming that's who we play) in the Big Ten Tournament as well. We might sneak in even if we lose to the Hoosiers, but only by the hair of our chinny-chin-chin...